The Kitchen Shrink


Grace Avila is the real deal.  She instills so much love and energy into everything she prepares that I feel instantly better just sitting in her kitchen inhaling the aromas and watching her cook. Take that passion and couple it with a serious understanding of nutrition science, and you will have found, as I did, the perfect person to walk you down your own health and healing path.

I met Grace back in 2004 when I asked her to help put together a three-day yoga retreat for women with breast cancer in the foothills south of San Francisco. The way she served each one of us, elegantly presenting the food and offering up her heart in every course, was what gave her food an almost magical, healing quality.

Of course you needn’t be ill in order to sign on to experience the loving vibration of Grace’s culinary offerings or to take advantage of Grace’s knowledge of diet, nutrition, and health.

holistic nutrition therapy & specialized culinary services