After completing her degree in economics and international business, Grace turned her attention to her first love, cooking. She apprenticed as a bistro chef for three years before going on to experience the world of fine dining, working in some of San Francisco’s best restaurants. In 1992, Grace joined Western Athletic Clubs (WAC) as its food and beverage director and gained valuable experience running the day-to-day operation of a busy, high-end health club corporation. But even more important, her time at WAC ignited in Grace a passion for health and healing, nutrition, and community service.

I grew up in a family where everyone cooked and it was only natural that I start cooking very young. More importantly, I was always aware of the connection between healing and food--my mother and grandmothers prepared teas with fresh herbs that would have a specific healing effect.

My mother cooked dinner for us every night. She believed that eating at home would keep us healthy. My father is a big fan of eating lots of soups for cleansing the body. In addition to healing the body, food is also very beautiful and can nourish the spirit.

Feeding someone is one of the most basic services one can provide another person. I am truly honored to be given the opportunity to feed someone, especially when in need of healing. I want everyone that eats my food to feel nourished and loved.

In 1995, Grace began cooking for people who had cancer, as a way to earn extra money, and in the process gained so much more. “This opportunity gave me an incredible sense of perspective, opened my eyes to what’s important in life, and reconnected me to my greater purpose.”

Grace is a certified nutrition educator, consultant, and certified Cancer Guide. She specializes in nutrition for individuals wishing to nourish their bodies and replenish their spirits while healing from cancer or going through treatment. When Grace is not cooking or recipe testing, she enjoys painting, music, studying and writing poetry, and hiking with her two French Bulldogs, Maia and Laila near her Pacifica, California home.

Grace wishes to thank Jim Gerber, Charles Feeney, Linda Sparrowe, Atlantic Philanthropies, and Western Athletic Clubs for their generosity and support. All work done in loving memory of Linda Gerber and Scott Brown who “saw my path before I did.” Grace would also like to thank Leah Lazar for all her insight and wisdom.

“let the beauty you love be what you do, there are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the earth” -Rumi