People, Products, and Services We Love

Linda Sparrowe – “I met Grace in 2004 when I asked her to help put together a three-day yoga retreat for women with Cancer in the foot hills of South San Francisco. The way she served each one of us, elegantly presenting the food and offering up her heart in every course, was what gave her food a magical, healing quality. Take that passion and and couple it with a serious understanding of nutrition science, and you will have found the perfect person to take you down your own health and healing path.”

Linda Sparrowe – lindasparrowe.com

Destiny City Herbs – Redefine whats possible. Clinical herbalist and vitality coach. Healing through herbal support and personal empowerment.


Jenna Grossbart Consulting – “Outside sales consultant connecting brands to brand building accounts that elevate brand equity. Specializing in better for you food, beverage, wellness and beauty brands.”

Jenna Grossbart Consulting – jenna.grossbart@gmail.com

Chef Vikki Krinsky – Chef Vikki, who has had 15 years of culinary experience as a chef for celebrities such as: Seth MacFarlane, Reese Witherspoon, and Tobey Maguire, is making the leap into the CPG space to provide a clean source of energy for the public as she has been doing for her clients for years. Utilizing the powerhouse B12 vitamin, which helps the body turn food into energy, she has crafted these uniquely-delicious wholesome bars as a necessary alternative to one’s daily consumption of caffeine

Vikki Krinsky – vkenergybar.com

EcoPliant – compostable & biodegradable food packaging. After continuous efforts of encouraging local establishments to switch to paper straws, two Surfrider members decided to take matters into their own hands. They started supplying high quality US-made paper straws to local bars, cafes, restaurants, hospitals, and caterers within a matter of days, sometimes hours.

EcoPliant – ecopliant.com