Nutrition Therapy & Culinary Services

“We first met Grace 15 years ago when she taught us a heart healthy cooking class at Whole Foods. We were amazed at her ability to teach novices to cook delicious and healthy food. We still have the recipes from that evening and continue to make the salmon!”

“We adored her and wanted her to come to our house for cooking lessons! She taught our then young children (3 and 6) how to make smoothies, roast chicken and make healthy dips. Grace continued to stay in our lives with additional cooking classes, cooking our Thanksgiving meals and educating us on ways to maintain our health.”

“She is incredibly knowledgeable and an absolute wonderful person. Our daughter is now 18 and continued to take cooking classes with Grace throughout middle school and high school. She has a passion for cooking and we give full credit to Grace.”

“We are thrilled to have Grace remain a part of our family! Anyone who works with Grace is incredibly fortunate. She is an absolute gift!”

H.S. – Hillsborough, Ca


Specialized Nutrition and Culinary Services