Nutrition Therapy & Culinary Services

I had taken my husband to several nutritionists with no success and absolutely no interest on my husbands part. My last attempt was Gracie (to us she is Gracie, not Grace) and to my surprise, my husband proclaimed that everything she said made sense to him. So we embarked on a nutrition journey with Gracie for my slightly overweight, junk food junkie of a husband. To my utter amazement, my husband enthusiastically went along with the program. He liked the menus Gracie recommended as he never felt deprived. His cholesterol levels dropped and his weight went down. His doctor was amazed.

Several years later my husband had open heart surgery. During his recovery, we had Gracie prepare and deliver our weekly meals. Everything was always super fresh, healthy, delicious and the menus always varied. To date, I quite frankly have never understood how Gracie’s weekly prepared food food tasted as though she had just finished making it in our kitchen. It was wonderful. My husband loved the food.

Later, we recommended her to two of our friends that needed meal services. One friend had a dangerous nut allergy and the other issues with celiac. She did a fabulous job with both.

Not only is Gracie exceptionally knowledgeable in nutrition, but the LOVE and CARE she puts forth towards her client’s goals is amazing. We recommend her highly.

A.B. – Los Gatos CA


Specialized Nutrition and Culinary Services